Saturday, March 26, 2011

#21: coconut - February 2011

Coconut cookoff was held at Manitoba House on Valentine's Day. We all agreed that it was better to not buy into a commercialistic holiday and instead spend it celebrating our love of food, booze, and each other. Amanda's roommate Cassandra also took this month's cookoff as an opportunity to film a short (just over two minutes) documentary for a film class.

The Cook Off from Cassandra Edes on Vimeo.

Jesse: "I can't believe it's not butter... chicken" masala mushrooms in a butter chicken-style sauce*
Amanda: "CLT" BLT-style sandwich made with coconut fried with hickory smoke and maple syrup
Malloreigh: "the pros of cross-oceanic slavery" satay-style button mushroom/eggplant skewers with coconut-curry sauce, rolled in toasted coconut and basil
Melissa: "rawesome coconut pudding" coconut & chocolate pudding with mint and cinnamon garnish
Kaylie: "Cocaine-nut Eurasian delight" crab cake-style coconut patty on a fried wonton wrapper, with shaved jicama and carrot and a homemade habañero hot sauce
Jeff D: "jackalope laundry presents" coconut tamales with a spicy bean sauce
Jeff Z: "you, me, & the Mexican drug lord" coconut-mango spring rolls with cilantro, garlic, & lime; wrapped in rice paper and topped with a spicy coconut cream sauce
Angelique: "movie star's chocolatey island delight" coconut ice cream with chocolate sauce
Jen: "big trouble in little China" Chinese coconut buns
Tim: "the Bermuda pie-angle" coconut cream pie

*Jesse was sick and couldn't make the event, but sent his dish along with Jeff and Jen. He and Melissa were both competing for the first time.
Also in attendance were Amanda's roommates and a friend of Angelique's whose name I can't recall.

seconds: Amanda/Jen
presentation: Kaylie
coconuticity: Angelique/Jen
creativity: Jeff D
overall entrée: Kaylie
overall dessert: Angelique

overall winner: Kaylie

We also had a vote for best dish name which was not scored, and the winner for that was Jesse.

Kaylie's winning entry
Kaylie's winning entry

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