Tuesday, September 3, 2013

#48: the threesome - July 2013

Three-ingredient cookoff (aka the threesome) was held at Mal/Allie/Ash's on the 25th of July. Everyone seemed very enthusiastic about the theme, because we had plenty of competitors! Things were a little dessert-heavy — a rarity — but everyone's dishes were wonderfully different and uniquely delicious.

mushroom, cashew, and corn
Malloreigh: "two chicks at the same time" polenta with cashew cream & sautéed wild mushrooms, mushroom & cashew paté, and kettle corn (mushroom, corn, cashew)
cucumber, fennel, and jicama
Kristina: "all around the world, statues crumble for me" cucumber roll with jicama and fennel slaw, in a roasted fennel ponzu remoulade (cucumber, jicama, fennel)
tempeh, hot sauce, and corn
Jen: "Halloween orange and chimney red" hot sauce-glazed tempeh with cracked pepper and a smokey grilled corn purée (corn, tempeh, hot sauce)
peach, raspberry, and brown rice
Chris: "ménage à trois, aka fuck the French" peach-vodka sorbet between fried lasagna noodles, with raspberry sauce (peach, raspberry, brown rice)
blueberry, almond, and sugar
Jeff: "screw you Ben & Jerry's, why do you make breaking up so hard?" blueberry ice cream cake with an almond crust, topped with blueberry sauce & almond brittle (blueberry, almond, sugar)
lime, coconut, and tamil curry
Bronwen: "talk tamil to me" coconut ice cream in a lime half, with sweet lime syrup and a tamil curry praline (coconut, lime, curry)
espresso, coconut, sugar
Ash: "express freeze" espresso granita with coconut whipped cream (espresso, coconut, sugar)
[no photo, I am a failure]
Allie: "fuck you Dr. Jasreen Alibi"* chocolate chip soynut butter cookies (chocolate, soybean butter, chickpeas)
*spelling likely incorrect, but this is Allie's allergist, who is forcing her to eliminate all kinds of ridiculous foods.

Allie competed for the first time but could not taste every entry, so didn't vote. Steph also attended but did not compete due to only recently recovering from a three-week-long battle with shingles. Malloreigh competed in absentia, but returned home from work in time to taste all the entries and vote.

seconds: Kristina/Jen
presentation: Bronwen
creativity: Kristina/Jen
best threesome: Malloreigh/Chris
overall favourite: Jeff

overall winner: Kristina

best name: (unscored category) Malloreigh