Tuesday, March 22, 2011

#20: food from your childhood - January 2011

This cookoff's theme was to reinvent food you ate as a child and was held at Yaara's on January 24th.

Angelique: "the party favourite" spinach dip in a breadbowl
Tim: "sweet winter pie" sweet potato pie with Jack Daniels and maple syrup
Amanda: "meat curtains" meatloaf pockets made with quinoa, tempeh, & shallots in a tamarind-malt vinegar sauce and wrapped with portobello mushrooms & green onion
Jen: "a Scotsman in Disney World" Mickey Mouse-shaped Scotch style pancakes & veggie sausage
Malloreigh: "eggs mixed up with toast" rye toast with runny eggs (vegan egg yolk recipe here)
Kaylie: "Frito bandito" Frito pie with mushrooms, onions, black beans, spicy tomato sauce, cheese & cilantro (recipe here)
Luc: apple crisp
Yaara: "Tsipora chocolate cake" dense flourless chocolate cake

Also in attendance were Krystyna and Jeff Z. We got stoned and made playlists of songs from our childhoods, which included a lot of early 90s hip-hop.

seconds: Kaylie
presentation: Kaylie
most kid-friendly: Jen/Yaara
best adaptation: Amanda
overall favourite: Yaara/Kaylie

overall winner: Kaylie

spinach dip
Angelique's entry
quinoa & seitan 'meat'loaf pockets
Amanda's entry
apple crisp
Luc's entry

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