Tuesday, March 15, 2011

#17: squash - October 2010

Squash cookoff was held in Nina's cosy kitchen on the rainy fall evening of October 28th. It was a rather small event, with only six entries, but plenty of wine and tea and good times.

Jen: "dead leaves" parmesan-breaded zucchini sticks, with roasted red pepper marinara-style dip
roasted red pepper marinara
Amanda: "Indian autumn" roasted acorn squash with brown basmati rice, cloves, cinnamon, and toasted squash seeds
cardamom roasted acorn squash
Malloreigh: "calce autunno" butternut squash & oyster mushroom ravioli w/lime red curry sauce (base recipe here)
squash & oyster mushroom ravioli
Jeff Z: "intermission" butternut squash & sage soup with vegan crème fraîche and chives
butternut squash & sage soup
Nina: "peared squash" butternut squash stuffed with pear, cranberry, red pepper, walnuts, and cilantro
stuffed squash
Dan: "a saucy squash" kale & butternut squash salad with beets, cranberries, pecans, and spaghetti squash-vinegar dressing
kale & butternut squash salad

seconds: Jeff
squashness: Nina
accompaniment (in other words, best flavour pairings): Mal/Nina
presentation: Nina
overall favourite: Mal

overall winner: Jeff (two in a row!)

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