Wednesday, July 18, 2012

#35: brunch - June 2012

It had been almost two years since the last breakfast-themed cookoff (tofu scram), so we went for an all-round brunch theme. It was held at Tim's place in Mount Pleasant on the 24th of June, and was not as well-attended as most cookoffs; it seems a lot of people were working or out of town. The weather was lovely, and after weeks of rain, we gladly sat on the balcony.

roasted tomato polenta benny
Jen: "heirloom fungi" mushroom & herb polenta benny with fried tofu, roasted heirloom tomatoes, and a coconut milk garlic sauce
pesto cornbread benny
Yaara: "circles are for squares" cornbread benny with pesto, marinated tofu, and roasted red pepper, topped with coconut sauce & green onion
Indian brunch
Malloreigh: "Bangalore, noon" Indian-style brunch of saag paratha (spinach-filled pancake), masala potatoes with cilantro, and a coconut-chili chutney
sausage benny
Laryssa: "sausagefest redux" cornbread biscuits with peach-chipotle mayo, seitan sausage, roasted cherry tomato, and swiss chard
breakfast stew
Veronica (& Fred): "gigantic Greek debt" rosemary bread topped with a tomato stew of giant Greek beans, veggies, lemon, & dill
eat your salad
Tim: "eat your salad" a skewer of smoked tofu, pear, orange pepper, & ginger with a maple-plum sauce

Also in attendance was Kathleen, an out-of-town friend of Malloreigh's.

seconds: Jen
presentation: Yaara/Laryssa/Tim
creativity: Tim
brunchiness (most evocative of that special 'brunch' feeling): Jen
overall favourite: Jen

overall winner: Jen

best name: (unscored category) Veronica

melon sangria