Saturday, October 24, 2015

#66: Greek food - March 2015

Greek-off was held at Ravenclaw House on the 23rd of March. It was a rainy day and a cosy affair, more of a dinner party than some of the more well-attended cookoffs, but with the rich & hearty food we made there were no complaints about that!

Jen: "Purple Rain" fasolada (traditional white bean soup) with celery, carrots, lemon, & a kalamata olive garnish
arakas kokkinisto
Allie: "Greek vegan dot com" arakas kokkistino (stewed peas & tomatoes) with roasted lemon & rosemary fingerling potatoes
nugget potatoes
Bronwen: "ba-ta-ta ya-yiourt ka-shew" garlicky baked golden nugget potatoes with minty cashew yogurt sauce
Malloreigh: "kno way!" knafeh (crispy baked pastry with cashew cheese filling) with syrup

seconds: Bronwen
presentation: Bronwen
creativity: Malloreigh
Greekness: Jen
perceived effort: Malloreigh
overall favourite: 4-way tie

overall winner: a never-before-seen 4-way tie!

best name: (unscored category) also a 4-way tie

Sunday, October 18, 2015

#65: sweet vs. savoury - February 2015

Our sweet vs. savoury cookoff was held at Flatland on the 23rd of February — the last cookoff held there was the previous February! The theme was to take something usually served sweet and make it savoury, or vice versa. We had a couple new attendees, which is always welcome.

ridin' dirty
Jen: "ridin' dirty" handmade parsnip gnocchi and oyster mushrooms sautéed in herbs & garlic, with porcini cocoa crumble and ginger pear sauce
mac & chocolate
Ashley: "mac & chocolate" noodles in cashew cheese with spicy tomato & 100% dark chocolate sauce
miso macaroons
Nic: miso sexy macaroons" coconut cookies with miso & cocoa, on a bed of nori
Malloreigh: "basketti" kugel with oregano-scented coconut cream and tomato jam
dessert nachos
Laryssa: "nacho average day" tortilla crisps with mango salsa, coconut ginger cream, rum-lime chocolate, & candied cashews

Ashley attended and competed for the first time. Also in attendance were Ryan (a coworker of Jen's) and two other people I've forgotten in the many months since.

seconds: Jen
presentation: Nic
creativity: Ashley
best use of theme: Ashley
perceived effort: Jen
overall favourite: Jen

overall winner: Jen

best name: (unscored category) Laryssa