Wednesday, November 26, 2014

#59: the A-team - August 2014

Our A-team (foods that start with A) cookoff was held on the 17th of August at the Adult Dream House (Ash's). It was a lovely evening and some of us were having a rough day thanks to a party there the previous night, so it was a quiet affair on the back porch among their tomato plants, watching the sun sink behind the trees.

stuffed artichoke
Jen: "why is there hair?!" poached artichoke stuffed with lemony herb & garlic peas, served with tarragon aïoli
Ash: "Ash's alliterative antipasto" aubergine & artichoke antipasto scented with anise, on top of an agave-roasted apricot and an arrowroot biscuit
avocado fries
Allie H: "Allie's avocado afries avec aïoli" deep-fried avocado with sriracha aïoli
apple aloo gobi
Malloreigh: "gesundheit!" apple aloo gobi with asparagus achar, amchur, & almond arugula raita
Allie S: "triple-A all-star" agnolotti with almonds, arugula, & grilled apricot
apricot salad
Liang: "salad" greens & mushrooms with apricot, tamari almonds, & spicy sesame-ginger garlic dressing

Also in attendance was a houseguest of Ash's whose name I've forgotten.

seconds: Allie H
presentation: Jen
creativity: Ash
A-ness: Malloreigh
perceived effort: Allie S
overall favourite: Allie H

overall winner: Ash

best name: (unscored category) Ash

And now, portraits of people looking serious while holding their faces.
back porch Malloreigh
Ash in summer
lovely Liang

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

#58: South Asian food - July 2014

The Southeast Asian cookoff was held on the 14th of July in the common room of Liang's co-op in Olympic Village. It was an extremely hot day so very few of us opted for dishes we'd need to turn on the stove for. We drank grapefruit beer and white wine, explored the rooftop garden, and played a game of Balderdash with a dictionary in between servings.

salad roll
Liang: "spring summer fall roll" rice wraps with oyster mushroom, mango, baby arugula, garlic chives, & bell peppers; served with a sweet chili peanut sauce and sesame-soy scallion sauce (not pictured)
Bronwen: "it's too damn hot" pakoras with mango, peas, & chilies; served with avocado and a young coconut chutney
bahn mi
Malloreigh: "hold me, kiss me, bahn mi" Vietnamese sandwich with hot pepper, pickled carrot & daikon, fried tofu, sriracha mayo, lettuce, & cucumber
spicy booze
Allie H: "tom OMG yummm!" tom yum soup-inspired cocktail of vodka, Malibu, lychee, chilies, & lemongrass; garnished with lime leaves
coconut rice pudding
Jen: "white on rice" coconut, mango, & vanilla bean rice pudding with toasted sweet chili pistachios and lime zest
mango bazango
Allie S: "mango bazango" soft Phillipine rice cake coated in sesame seed & coconut, with coconut caramel, mango-lime rum sorbet, mango slices, and caramelized lime rind
Ash: "Carl Sago" mango & coconut milk tapioca pudding with mint & lime topping

Allie S competed for the first time. This was also our first cookoff in awhile without any non-competitors!

seconds: Bronwen
presentation: Allie S
creativity: Allie H
best use of theme: Liang
perceived effort: Allie S
overall favourite: Liang/Bronwen/Malloreigh

overall winner: Allie S

best name: (unscored category) Malloreigh/Jen