Sunday, October 31, 2010

#9: comfort food - November 2009

We opted not to have a cookoff in October and instead had a non-competitive vegan Thanksgiving dinner at the Treehouse. In November, the comfort food cookoff was held at Bl├╝haus on the cold and rainy night of November 22nd.

Jen: grilled 'cheese' and tomato soup (VeganRella on rye bread)
Laryssa: shepherd's pie (lentils, veggies, & mashed potato)
Yaara: I'm broke (rice & lentils, "just like mama used to make")
Jeff D: southern six pack (biscuits & gravy)
Malloreigh: fuckin' poutine! (fries & tofu with mushroom gravy)
Angelique: a former cheese lover's addiction (mac & 'cheese' with cornflake crust and tomatoes)
Corinna: faux chicken pot pie (tofu, veggies & gravy in a pie crust)

Also in attendance were Dan, Kaylie, Kerstyn, Ben, Luke, Jen's roommate Jesse, and a whole bunch of beer and Southern Comfort. Jeff Z was stuck at work, sad to miss a delicious cookoff at home.

second piece: Jeff D
most authentic: Jen
presentation: Angelique
most comforting: Angelique
overall favourite: Malloreigh/Angelique

overall winner: Angelique

Saturday, October 2, 2010

#8: tofu scramble - September 2009

As people are generally broke and/or travelling during the summer, cookoffs went on hiatus. Tofu scram-off was held at the house of 2 Girls, 5 Bikes on the 6th of September.

Amanda: "Shrapnel" featuring summer fruit, mint, and chipotle.
Laryssa: "Chinga tu Madre" featuring chipotle, black beans, corn, fresh salsa, and avocado.
Malloreigh: "The O.G." featuring coconut, mustard, and fenugreek.
Yaara: "The Italian Scrimmage" featuring roasted garlic, assorted tomatoes, and basil.
Kaylie: "Southern Muslim in Autumn" featuring Indian barbecue, cauliflower, and dates.

Also in attendance were Jen Clark, Jeff Z, Jeff's sister Natalie, Anita, Kerstyn, and Angelique. And a whole lotta mimosas.

I don't actually have a picture of the poster after scoring, but if anyone can remember who won, feel free to fill this in.
second piece:
overall favourite:

overall winner: Yaara

After we had all stuffed ourselves with booze and food, there was a rainy adventure in a nearby park, of which there are numerous photos on Jeff's facebook.