Thursday, November 22, 2012

#39: squash (second edition) - October 2012

Squash-off the second was held at Flatland on the 25th of October. It was very well-attended, with three first-time competitors and loads of glorious fall food.

chocolate volcano
Hayley: "chocolate volcano" chocolate custard cake with an unknown squash (possibly kombucha based on her description) & chai spices, with coconut-pumpkin seed crumble and cranberry-brandy reduction
curried squash pizza
Jen: "New Dehli vice" butternut squash & red pepper masala curry cooked with pumpkin wine, on a gluten-free cauliflower crust, and topped with raita, cucumbers, & cilantro
figs in a blanket
Amanda: "conspiracy theory" red kuri squash, balsamic fig, & green apple in a gluten-free pastry, with balsamic reduction
craft dinner
Malloreigh "craft dinner" pasta shells in a cheesy butternut squash sauce with pumpkin ketchup
biscuits 'n' gravy
Yaara: "dip my biscuits" butternut squash, green onion, & roasted garlic biscuits with coconut gravy and kalonji seeds
spaghetti squash surprise
Kelsey: "Surrey special spaghetti squash surprise" spaghetti squash in tahini sauce with spinach, tomatoes, and garlic
pumpkin scones
Sarah: "ermagherd, permpkhin skerhns!" butternut squash & pumpkin scones with a cardamom-spiced coconut whipped cream
foncé gâteau
Grey: "foncé gâteau rouge de la pasion" chocolate zucchini cake with a raspberry chili coulis, and grape garnish
butternut squash ice cream
Brennan: "big tushy bushy winter" butternut squash soy ice cream with nutmeg & clove, topped with pepitas
autumn gnocchi
Angelique: "autumn gnocchi" butternut squash gnocchi with a cranberry-raisin relish, topped with white chocolate pumpkin sauce

Also in attendance were Jeff Z, Steph, Allie, a boy who came with Kelsey (name forgotten, I should really write this stuff down), and Liang (though she wasn't there long enough to vote). Kelsey, Grey, and Brennan all competed for the first time.

seconds: Malloreigh/Yaara
presentation: Amanda
squashiness: Kelsey
creativity: Jen/Amanda
overall favourite: Malloreigh/Grey

overall winner: Malloreigh

best name: (unscored category) Sarah