Sunday, March 13, 2011

#16: mushrooms - September 2010

Mushroom cookoff ushered in the autumn on September 27th at Blühaus. Everyone really busted out the big guns for this one; there was nothing that wasn't 100% delicious.

Laryssa: "dark drunken muskcap*" French onion soup served with mushroom-buttered toast
*this was smudged on the record so I'm not entirely sure this is what it said
Jeff Z: "badger(x7) mushroom" crimini mushroom caps stuffed with black bean hummus and cucumber salsa, topped with black sesame seeds, fried enokis, and onion hair
Amanda: "calanari" enoki mushroom tempura with plum-mint chili sauce
Angelique: "fatty fungi" portobello, cream cheese, and shallot perogies
Jen: "Italian stallion" portobello mushroom, sundried tomato & artichoke heart risotto
Yaara: "a vegan hooker in montreal" mushroom poutine
Dan: "en chanterelle au Port Alberni" hand-picked chanterelles with grapefruit, tomato, apricot, peppers and pecans on a zucchini boat
Malloreigh: "romance" portobello & shiitake with red onion, pecans, and raspberry-lime truffle dressing
Kristina & Chris: "crazy robot face" heirloom tomato salad, marinated mushrooms, and chimichurri served with olive bread

seconds: Jen
presentation: Jeff
creativity: Dan
mushroominess: Laryssa
overall favourite: Angelique

overall winner: Jeff

crimini mushroom caps
Jeff's absolutely beautiful mushroom caps

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