Saturday, March 12, 2011

#12: curry - March 2010

Curry cookoff was held in early March at Dan's bachelor pad in Strathcona. I remember there being something like 11 entries, but I don't have a clear photo of the scoreboard so I can't be sure. A fuckton of rice was made and Jeff Z did not make an entry, but contributed a large pot of chai with almond milk. Some entries I recall:
Amanda's chana masala
Malloreigh's eggplant panang curry
Jen's swiss chard dahl (homage to the accidental chard pie)
Laryssa's coconut & red pepper tofu curry
Dan's tropical fruit & black bean curry

and I think Kaylie, Corrina, Jeff D, and Ryan also contributed.
Malloreigh, note-taker of the ages.

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