Sunday, March 13, 2011

#15: pears - August 2010

We took an extra-long break from cookoffs in the summer with no events from May through July; people were broke, moving, travelling, working outside of Vancouver, etc. August 30th we picked up again with the pear cookoff at Jeff Downer's.

Amanda: "summer truck stop pancake" pear potato pancakes with roasted garlic-balsamic sauce & green onions
Malloreigh: "pear stack tophat" parsley-scented crostini with arugula, caramelized pear & fig, smoked tofu, and slivered almonds (recipe here)
Yaara: "not at all" smashed pears & yams with garlic, purple onions, and Thai basil
Jeff D & Cody: "primordial three-piece suits" taylor pear & black bean empanadas with sweet potato, coriander, and cloves, topped with cilanto & garlic-infused olive oil tofu sauce
Laryssa: "pears in a sleeping bag" caramelized onion & pear quesadillas
Jen: "a produce stand" poppyseed crackers topped with homemade blueberry cream cheese, spinach, cucumber and pear, spiced with paprika, coriander & powdered ginger

second piece: Jeff & Cody
pearness: Laryssa/Jen
creativity:Amanda/Jeff & Cody
presentation: Malloreigh
mouth feel: Malloreigh
overall favourite: Jeff & Cody

overall winner: Malloreigh/Jeff & Cody

Despite the small number of competitors, there were something like twenty people in attendance, many of whom seemed to be just happening by and showed little interest in the process of the cookoff outside of eating the food... it was hectic and loud, and difficult to keep people focused. We decided in the future to be more rigid about enforcing the 'please bring booze to share' rule for guests who are not competing, in order to keep the cosy and friendly atmosphere and food-focused group we all appreciate at the cookoffs.
Mal's entry
Malloreigh's winning entry
my pear cookoff entry
Jen's labia-esque entry

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