Wednesday, March 16, 2011

#18: apples - November 2010

Apple-off was held at Blühaus on the fifteenth of November. Some bottles of Sleeping Giant fruit wine were opened, and a large amount of Granville Island's Winter Ale was consumed.

Amanda: "blintzed by day, blintzed by night" golden delicious apple, shallot, parsley, lemon and cheese blintzes
blintzed by day, blintzed by night
Jen: "Kiev orchard" perogies filled with ambrosia apple, Yukon gold potato, and cheese; with facon bits, chives, and cardamom sour cream
an orchard in Kiev
Malloreigh: "the apple/root route" fuji & granny smith apple, leek, potato & fennel soup, with a latke of the same ingredients
the apple root/route
Dan: "heartburn for days" granny smith apple nachos with olives, kale, hummus, hot peppers, and tomato; served with salsa fresca
[I don't have a photo of Dan's entry to share, unfortunately]
Yaara: "baked apple boats" red wine-soaked figs, walnuts, cinnamon, and ginger baked on top of gala apples
baked apple boats
Jeff D: "manus domestica" savoury chestnut, onion and ambrosia apple pie with raisin-balsamic reduction
savoury apple pie
Jeff Z: "Adam & Eve & ice cream" peach wine-poached apple below an oatmeal cookie with apple juice-infused raisins; topped with candy apple ice cream
Adam & Eve & ice cream

seconds: Amanda
presentation: Jen/Jeff Z
appleness: Yaara
creativity: Jeff D
overall favourite: Amanda

overall winner: Amanda

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