Sunday, March 13, 2011

#13: avocado - March 2010

Avocado-off was held at Jeff Downer's on March 21st. It was a massive competition - thirteen competitors! Yet again I have no photo of the scoreboard so this is all from what I can recall.

Amanda: chilled avocado soup with a grenadine topping
Jeff Z: avocado and tomato pizza with avocado-cilantro cream topping
Jen: smoky bean chili with avocado sour cream
Dan: pasta with an avocado sauce
Corrina: handmade avocado noodle
Malloreigh: avocado and sundried tomato ravioli in a wonton wrapper (recipe here)
Kaylie: avocado pie with soy chorizo and root vegetables
Yaara: avocado sushi
Anna (I think that was her name?): avocado chocolate pudding

and a few more I can't remember, I know Jeff D made something but I forget what, and there was at least one more avocado soup!

Jeff's pizza (pictured below) was agreed by many to be the best pizza they had eaten in ages, but the winner overall was Malloreigh's beautiful and delicious handmade ravioli.
avocado pizza

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