Thursday, March 8, 2018

#74: 'fast' food - January 2016

Our 'fast' food cookoff— dishes created in less than 15 minutes on location with nothing pre-made— was held on the 18th of January at Blühaus. The idea was to create a sort of short order cook aspect to the cookoff, just to see what kind of dishes can be made with very little prep available to you. The results were quite interesting and varied, although our total cookoff time actually increased compared to usual!

Thai noodle salad
Kristina: "ah, Phuket" Thai rice noodle salad with cucumber, carrot, basil, & mint in a soy/mirin/ginger dressing
dragon bowl
Malloreigh: "fame" soba noodle bowl with fried tofu, veggies, & shimeji mushrooms in a miso-tahini sauce; pepita & pea shoot garnish
fried pb&j
Jen: "hot lunch day" fried peanut butter & homemade jam sandwich with homemade pickled rhubarb; fried sage leaf garnish
warm cookie dough
Allie: "um, warm cookie dough?" mostly-baked chocolate chip cookies
silken tofu crème brûlée
Ash: "sugar burns real quick" silken tofu crème brûlée with blueberry mint sauce poached apple & pear
Chris: "a pear and an apple walk into a bar" poached apple & pear with pumpkin seed walnut crumble; ginger cherry & fresh basil garnish

seconds: Kristina
presentation: Chris
creativity: Ash
perceived effort: Malloreigh
wow, you pulled that off: Jen/Chris
overall favourite: Malloreigh/Jen

overall winner: Jen

best name: (unscored category) Allie

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