Thursday, March 22, 2018

#75: root vegetables - February 2016

Our roots cookoff was held on the 14th of February at Ash's lovely house in Hastings-Sunrise. It was also the day Kristina announced that she and Chris would be expecting a baby in the summertime! It seems so long ago now...

roasted parsnip soup
Jen: "chim chim churri" roasted parsnip soup with caper chimichurri
Scotch 'egg'
Kristina: "the bedeviled Scotsman" curry potato Scotch 'egg' with mustard, piri-piri sauce, jalapeño, & veggie bacon
Malloreigh: "comfy" potato & fennel confit with tarragon
pirogi three ways
Ash: "pirogi roulette" potato pirogies 3 ways: spinach & garlic, caramelized onion, and sauerkraut; with beet-jalapeño salad
vegan poutine
Jeff: "you had me at poutine" double-fried russets with mushroom demi-glace and marinated tofu 'cheese'
potato donut
Chris: "potato to the core" potato donut with chocolate potato truffle, and potato white chocolate sauce

The votes show that there was one more person in attendance, but it's been so long now I can't be sure who. Maybe Allie, or Maddy.

seconds: Jen/Ash
presentation: Jen
creativity: Kristina
perceived effort: Ash
rootiness: Jen/Mal
overall favourite: Kristina/Mal

overall winner: Kristina

best name: (unscored category) Jen

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