Friday, October 26, 2012

#38: salad (second edition) - September 2012

A v.2.0 of salad-off was held on September 22nd, at Yaara's place in Strathcona. It was warm and lovely out, so we had the front door open most of the evening, enjoying the air & light.

apples & greens
Amanda: "cocks orange pippin salad" purslane, pea & fava tips, apple (Cox's Orange Pippin variety), mizuna, & raisins in a lemon-caraway dressing
quinoa & campari tomatoes
Jen: "you say tomato, I say fuck you" quinoa & tomato salad with peaches, kalamata olives, homegrown lettuces, almonds, and parsley, in a cabernet vinegar and mustard seed dressing
roasted beets & squash
Laryssa: "fall is beeting down on us" kale, basil, roasted beets & squash, pear, and toasted almonds, with a pickle brine & roasted garlic vinaigrette
chocolate rain
Yaara: "sonic death monkey" spinach, avocado, fried tofu, roasted red pepper, & toasted coconut in a chocolate-lime dressing
the mighty Caesar
Hayley: "fake bacon, bitches" romaine lettuce, baby cucumber, white onion, wasabi rice cracker 'croutons', and facon bits, in an almond cream caesar dressing with capers

Hayley competed for the first time. Also in attendance were Angelique and a friend of Yaara's named Grey.

seconds: Yaara
presentation: Jen
best combo: Yaara
creativity: Yaara
overall: Laryssa

overall winner: Yaara

best name: (unscored category) Amanda/Laryssa/Yaara


Laryssa, smoking

Yaara, laughing

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