Saturday, September 15, 2012

#37: greens - August 2012

Greens-off was held at Blühaus on the 16th of August. Unfortunately, it was again sparsely attended, with a mere three competitors, but at least this time there were enough others present that we could vote on the entries. We sat out in the backyard and enjoyed the summer evening with beer and candlelight after the sunset.

fruits & greens soft serve
Yaara: "the amused bush" kale, blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, banana, & mango raw ice cream with sunflower butter and basil
asparagus-pistachio soup
Jen: "the cussed soup" asparagus, basil, kale & pistachio soup garnished with paprika and basil chiffonade
Kelis's envy
Sarah: "Kelis's envy" almond milk, banana, kale, & rosewater shake with cinnamon & cardamom

Also in attendance were Nina, Adam, and Yaara's friend (or possibly man-friend?) Josh.

seconds: Jen
presentation: Yaara
creativity: Yaara
greensiness: Jen/Sarah
overall favourite: Jen

overall winner: Jen

best name: (unscored category) Sarah

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