Saturday, August 18, 2012

#36: picnic - July 2012

Picnic cookoff was held on the 22nd of July at McLean Park in Strathcona. Unfortunately, almost no one showed up... only three people! We didn't take a hiatus last year during the summer, as we had done in previous years, and it worked out fine and so we decided to keep them going again this summer because people seemed pretty excited, but apparently not like we thought.
We couldn't vote with so few, but we kept a record of the entries anyway.

Amanda: "Amanda + Megan sexy sandwich" sliced strawberries, pineapple mint, and homemade strawberry jam between cornbread jalapeƱo pancakes
cornbread jam sandwich
Yaara: "ultra-thin for her pleasure" rice wraps filled with avocado, mango, fried tofu, lettuce, basil, & green onion, served with a spicy strawberry salsa
rice wraps & salsa
Jen: "but it's not oatmeal!" oat cookies made with homemade almond butter, a blueberry jam centre, and fresh sage
sandwich cookies

We shared our food with a lady who came by doing a survey about the neighbourhood and she declared us all winners.