Wednesday, September 1, 2010

#4: PIZZA - March 2009

Our fourth cookoff was Pizza Off. This was a crazy cookoff - we had thirteen entries! Malloreigh made a quadruple batch of pizza crust, so attendees were required to bring only their toppings. We had some truly fierce entries, but of course... there could be only one winner. (I believe it was Britt.)

We utilized two ovens, with each pizza getting a twenty-minute cooking time. It was surprisingly efficient!

Amanda C - Avocado and Banana Pizza
Amanda K - Samosa Pizza
Britt - Thaitanic Peanut Sauce Pizza
Malloreigh - Garlic White Sauce Meditteranean Pizza

Goodness help me but I can't remember the rest. Other Cookoffers are welcome to contribute!

The best part about this cookoff for the hosts at the House of God was that we were privileged to keep all of the leftovers (though there weren't many). We were moving the next day so this food came in quite handy.

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