Sunday, May 30, 2010

#3: pie - March 2009

Our third cookoff was held in March of 2009 and was supposed to be specifically fruit pies, but a few people missed the memo. This was held in the attic suite of Yaara's old place on 12th Ave.

Competitors were:
Laryssa, with a coconut lemon cream pie
Yaara, with a bosc pear pie with a whole wheat crust
Jen, with an apple and swiss chard pie (it was supposed to be rhubarb which is apparently hard to find in March)
Jeff Z, with a bourbon peach pie
Jeff D, with a chocolate avocado pie with almonds
Amanda C, with a strawberry rosewater pie with a lemon poppyseed crust
Amanda K, with a peach mango pie
Keri, with a chocolate banana coconut pie
Jade, with a chocolate almond tofu pie

I believe this is when we started getting really crazy with the categorization, too, so our overall winner was Amanda C, but we had a separate category for people who had never made a pie before, and Jen was the winner there with the pie of failure that turned out to be delicious.

Also in attendance were Malloreigh, Dave, and Nina. We all got nicely sauced on Baby Duck and went into sugar-induced comas, writing haikus on the typewriter. This cookoff was without our official poster-size chart of entries and was instead recorded on a typewriter, so this is all based on memory and photos.
I was going to post the family portrait of us and our pies, but the blog is not wide enough to view it, and I am not proficient enough with html to make it so.

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