Saturday, September 4, 2010

#7: salad - June 2009

First cookoff at Blühaus. We spread out a beach blanket on the kitchen floor and had an indoor picnic, accompanied by mojitos. This was a somewhat distressing cookoff because Amanda had an allergic reaction to Malloreigh's salad dressing and spent the rest of the evening lying on our couch until Jeff and I drove her home. Keri had mono and did not attend, but sent her entry along with Laryssa.

Amanda: "Flaccid Sandy Bitch" rice noodles, lime, lemon, shallots, asian pear, green onion, and cardamom.
Chelsea: "Shag Carpet" yams, onion, celery, hazelnuts, peppers, silken tofu sauce.
Malloreigh: "Basic Tossed Malad" spinach, tofu, capers, red onion, nuts, avocado, 'malad' dressing.
Laryssa: "The Wild Forest" baby spinach, cherries, carmelized pecans, mushrooms, red onion, facon bits, creamy orange garlic dressing.
Angelique: "Allahta Tabouleh" Lemon, bulgur wheat, tomatoes, garlic, parsley, red onion, chickpeas, cucumber.
Jeff: "Strawberry-Ginger FOB Salad" Mixed greens, strawberries, candied pecans, red onions, edamame, sesame-ginger miso dressing.
Jen: "Afternoon Delight" Cucumber, mint, pomegranate, ginger, lime.
Keri (absentee entry): "The Mono!!!" Classic potato salad with dill and capers.


Second piece: Keri
Presentation: Laryssa
Mouth marriage: Chelsea/Laryssa
Creativity: Laryssa
Best overall: Malloreigh

Overall winner: Laryssa

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