Tuesday, May 4, 2010

#2: chili - February 2009

our second cookoff was chili. it was the first cookoff we scored. it took place in february, 2009.

the participants were amanda, laryssa, keri, malloreigh, and yaara. jeff zipp and jen clark attended for their first times.

keri made a chocolate chili that blew all our tops off and won the competition. keri doesn't even like chocolate! sneak attack. amanda's chili was a smoky tempeh chili and it was truly delicious. laryssa made a fruity chocolatey chili. yaara made a simple bean chili. malloreigh made a curry chili and everyone told her it "wasn't really a chili" even though it had beans and chilies, which is what a chili is, anyway.

this is all iirc, btw, fyi.

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  1. I think I have documented winners in my notebook for the cookoffs up until salad-off. After that I think we'll be scouring photographs of the scoresheet to see what people made/who won.