Monday, September 23, 2019

#78: barbecue (third edition) - July 2016

Our third BBQ-off was held on Canada Day at Blühaus. This theme was expanded to include foods you might eat at a cookout, not just foods cooked on the grill. It was a wonderful day to sit in the backyard and eat a lot of food.

macaroni salad
Krystyna: "like a Mac-aroni salad" elbow mac, pickles, red pepper, & celery in a vegenaise herb dressing
fresher slice
Jen: "fresher slice" grilled pizza with homemade marinara, mushrooms, grape tomatoes, onions, & basil
vegan rib plate
Jeff: "thirty Helens agree" ...coleslaw deserves another chance! homemade seitan ribs & BBQ sauce, with lime slaw & mustard seed potato salad
holy trinity tacos
Chris: "the holy trinity" corn tacos with refried garlic scape beans, cumin-grilled zucchini, & grilled limes s'more cake
Kristina: "please, sir" graham-style pound cake with maple butter, dark chocolate, & marshmallows

Apparently we had a lot of people at this cookoff because the scoresheet shows 12 voters, but who can remember who they were, it was like 3 years ago.

seconds: Krystyna
presentation: Chris
creativity: Jen
perceived effort: Jen/Jeff
barbequability (best use of theme): Jeff
overall favourite: Chris

overall winner: Jeff

best name: (unscored category) Jeff

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