Thursday, November 19, 2015

#67: appetizers & cocktails (fourth edition) - April 2015

Our annual appetizer & 1oz cocktail cookoff was held on Sunday the 26th of April at Blühaus. We are all too old to get wasted on a worknight so we were very careful about our alcohol intake.

Ash: "half course zinger" East Van vodka with lemonade & ginger* airmail to China
Malloreigh: "airmail to China" Peking mock duck confit crêpe with plum sauce and green onion; served with a 5-spice airmail (lemon, champagne, Mt. Gay rum, & 5-spice syrup)
not lacking licks
Amanda: "not lacking licks" beet chips topped with an apple, kale, lemon, & lilac salad; served with nettle tea & gin muddled with mint, lemon balm, & topped with candied lilacs
pickleback to the future
Jen: "pickleback to the future" beer-battered deep-fried pickles with dill aïoli; served with a pickleback (a shot of whiskey with a pickle brine chaser)
hair of the dog
Jeff: "a bite of the dog that bit me" beet slider with traditional fixings on a homemade bun; served with a vegan Caesar
double double
Chris: "double double" salt & pepper fry bread with plum anise jam & basil; served with coffee, cassis liquer, & lemon gin

Also in attendance was Kristina.
* Ash's drink was served as an apéritif, because they burnt the spicy candied almonds that they planned to serve with it and had no time to remake them.

seconds: Jeff
presentation: Amanda/Jeff
creativity: Amanda
perceived effort: Amanda
best pairing: Malloreigh
overall favourite: Malloreigh/Jeff

overall winner: Amanda

best name: (unscored category) Jen

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