Sunday, January 4, 2015

#60: soup - September 2014

Our soup cookoff was held at Ravenclaw House (Mal & Allie's) on the 17th of September. We had several newcomers, which was welcome! The photos are iphone-quality, unfortunately, because I forgot my camera.

cream of mushroom
Allie: "bowling for soup" cashew cream of mushroom with rosemary & thyme
heart and soul
Liang: "heart and soul" curried coconut cream & cauliflower with red pepper and lime
pho the first
Malloreigh: "faux" homemade 'beef' broth with noodles, shredded carrot & daikon, fried tofu, bean sprouts, lime, & basil
Ash: "boysenborscht" homegrown beets & beet greens with capers and a horseradish-dill sour cream
pho the second
Angelique: "pho shizzle, miso horny for your noodle soup" rice noodles in miso broth with enoki mushrooms, anise, cinnamon, & lime
hot and sour
Jen: "Wu-Tang dynasty" hot & sour broth with tofu, wood ear mushrooms, cabbage, & crispy chow mein noodles
pho the third
Michelle: "yoga soup" noodles in broth with fried tofu, broccoli, sesame oil & seeds, and rice cake

Michelle competed for the first time. Also in attendance were her partner Jill, Jeff Z, Danger Mike, Allie S, and Maddie G.


seconds: Allie
presentation: Malloreigh/Angelique
creativity: Angelique
texture/mouthfeel: Allie
perceived effort: Ash
overall favourite: Allie

overall winner: Allie

best name: (unscored category) Allie

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