Wednesday, November 26, 2014

#59: the A-team - August 2014

Our A-team (foods that start with A) cookoff was held on the 17th of August at the Adult Dream House (Ash's). It was a lovely evening and some of us were having a rough day thanks to a party there the previous night, so it was a quiet affair on the back porch among their tomato plants, watching the sun sink behind the trees.

stuffed artichoke
Jen: "why is there hair?!" poached artichoke stuffed with lemony herb & garlic peas, served with tarragon aïoli
Ash: "Ash's alliterative antipasto" aubergine & artichoke antipasto scented with anise, on top of an agave-roasted apricot and an arrowroot biscuit
avocado fries
Allie H: "Allie's avocado afries avec aïoli" deep-fried avocado with sriracha aïoli
apple aloo gobi
Malloreigh: "gesundheit!" apple aloo gobi with asparagus achar, amchur, & almond arugula raita
Allie S: "triple-A all-star" agnolotti with almonds, arugula, & grilled apricot
apricot salad
Liang: "salad" greens & mushrooms with apricot, tamari almonds, & spicy sesame-ginger garlic dressing

Also in attendance was a houseguest of Ash's whose name I've forgotten.

seconds: Allie H
presentation: Jen
creativity: Ash
A-ness: Malloreigh
perceived effort: Allie S
overall favourite: Allie H

overall winner: Ash

best name: (unscored category) Ash

And now, portraits of people looking serious while holding their faces.
back porch Malloreigh
Ash in summer
lovely Liang

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