Sunday, May 11, 2014

#54: coconut (second edition) - March 2014

The second coconut cookoff was held at Tim D's lovely Vancouver special near Trout Lake, on the 24th of March. It was a strangely warm and sunny evening, and we all enjoyed the extra bit of daylight with our food and homebrew. Oh, & an advance warning: for some reason this cookoff had even more obscene dish names than usual.

coconut to the power of four
Steph: "coc-balls" coconut milk/oil/flour/shreds in a macaroon, with a maple syrup glaze
coconut chips
Amanda: "cracked nuts & cunt cream" lime-baked coconut chips with coconut chipotle sour cream, served in a coconut husk*
shrimpin' ain't easy
Jen: "shrimpin' ain't easy" coconut-fried tempeh (in the style of coconut shrimp) with a celeriac rémoulade, topped with fried green onions & toasted coconut
butter chk-AHH
Tim: "butter chk-AHHH" Indian-spiced coconut curry with pumpkin, chickpeas, & basil
chocolate bacon tart
Nina: "Hawaiian bacon dream" coconut bacon crust with a chocolate, peanut, & coconut oil filling
Mount Chocula
Selena: "Mount Chocula" chocolate coconut pudding with coconut whip, topped with toasted coconut & a maraschino cherry
rice pudding
Katie: "coconut let-him-cum pudding" spiced lemon coconut rice pudding topped with candied coconut flakes and lemon zest
coconut Thai-scream
Nik: "coconut Thai-scream" ginger, lemongrass, & kaffir lime coconut ice cream, with bird's eye chili syrup, ginger-candied coconut flakes, and mint leaves

Selena competed for the first time. Also in attendance were Dan, Sarah, Laryssa, and another Nick.
*Amanda regarded this as the worst thing she'd ever made, and served it anyway because it took so long to make. Many of us agreed, though we did admire her effort in splitting the coconut husks.

seconds: Jen
presentation: Amanda
creativity: Nik
coconicity: Steph
overall favourite: Nik

overall winner: Nik

best name: (unscored category) Jen

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