Thursday, March 20, 2014

#53: cooking with tea (second edition) - February 2014

The previous cookoff (cooking with booze) made us all nostalgic for the tea cookoff, so we decided to do that one again. This time it was held at Flatland (Laryssa/Hayley/Katie's) on the 17th of February. There were a few new faces, as well as several faces that hadn't been seen in awhile! We all admired the interior overhaul the girls had given the place after Katie moved in, and the wine, beer, & conversation flowed freely.

fuckin' breakfast
Amanda: "fuckin' breakfast" earl grey oatmeal with cinnamon-sugared almonds, earl grey poached pear, and sprinkled with lavender
miso & rice
Sarah: "sip it slow and pound it hard" genmai-cha miso broth with fried mochi, bean sprouts, carrots, & green onion
green tea-crusted tofu
Laryssa: "dragonball tea" green tea-crusted tofu with stir-fried shiitakes & cabbage in a green tea sauce; green onion garnish
ginger jasmine curry
Jen: "round robin" coconut curried sweet potato soup with jasmine & lemon ginger teas
chai quinoa
Katie: "nutty bush" chai quinoa balls with lemon, garlic, & chili peppers, on a bed of sprouts with green onion & celery
chocolate macaroons
Maddie: "maté chocaroons, or, snapchat has failed me" double chocolate coconut macaroons with yerba maté & sea salt
Hayley G: "ca-CHOO!" matcha & white mulberry tea cashew cheesecake with lavender-infused chocolate and toasted salty sunflower seeds
'butter' tarts
Nik: "teacups" green tea & coconut butter tarts with a chai-infused graham crust

Katie, Maddie, & Nik competed for the first time. Also in attendance were Selena, Tim D, Dan, Nina, Cera, & Hayley W.

seconds: Jen
creativity: Katie
presentation: Amanda
tea-nacity: Amanda/Sarah
overall favourite: Amanda/Laryssa/Jen

overall winner: Amanda

best name: (unscored category) Laryssa

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