Monday, December 2, 2013

#50: pumpkin - October 2013

Pumpkin cookoff was held on the 21st of October, at Blühaus. Although people seemed pretty jazzed about it, there were only three competitors, sadly. Nevertheless we all enjoyed ourselves — we definitely had a beer & wine surplus.

autumnal curry
Malloreigh: "I Thai'd Indian'd it" coconut curry with pumpkin, jackfruit, & kale, served over jasmine rice with peas, cinnamon, & cardamom; garnished with coconut flakes & dried cranberries
herb-crusted pumpkin
Jen: "the nutty pumpkin king" baked pumpkin in a dusting of cheese, breadcrumb, & fresh herb; served with a dip of walnuts, pumpkin seeds, dill, & sour cream
pumpsicle pie
Ash: "pumpsicle pie" pumpkin-coconut ice cream pie with coconut caramel sauce

Also in attendance were Jeff, Bronwen, Steph, and Sarah.

seconds: Ash
presentation: Jen
pumpkinosity: Jen
creativity: Mal/Ash
overall favourite: Mal
overall winner: Ash

best name: (unscored category) Ash

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  1. That pie looks delightful! I really miss the cook-offs. I also miss people that are vegan. I wanted to try and start vegan cook-offs on the coast but with most people scrounging for money around here it's too hard for most people. Keep me informed, maybe I'll show up at a cook-off next year sometime. At least the blog keeps me satiated.