Saturday, October 19, 2013

#49: salsa - September 2013

Salsa-off was held at Bronwen's Mount Pleasant home on the 8th of September. It seems Sunday cookoffs are destined to be the least-attended, but we still had six entries and plenty of wine.

Jen: "rum runner" grilled pineapple, homegrown tomato, romano bean, spiced rum, & cilantro salsa, served with chili powdered corn chips
mango & avocado
Allie: "mango tell it on a mountain lion" mango, avocado, red pepper, lime, jalapeƱo, & cucumber salsa, served with Old El Paso chips
Malloreigh: "Catayumyum" tomato, parsley, almond, red wine, & garlic salbitxada served with grilled asparagus & green onions
strawberry & cucumber
Sarah: "salsa refresca" strawberry, cucumber, cilantro, & lime salsa, served with Jen's chips
salsa jam
Bronwen: "this salsa is my jam, yo" tomato, hot pepper, & onion jam, served on cornflour shortbread with coriander
dessert salsa
Ash: "Bluebeard berrybutt" blueberry, tomato, & mint salsa, served on a cinnamon & cardamom-dusted corn chip

Also in attendance was Tim A (of Plate Invaders), who wanted to compete but ran out of time.

seconds: Jen/Bronwen
presentation: Ash
salsify: (best use of theme) Allie
creativity: Malloreigh/Bronwen
overall favourite: Bronwen

overall winner: Bronwen

best name: (unscored category) Allie/Ash

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