Thursday, October 27, 2011

#27: beets - October 2011

The Beet-Off was held at Yaara & Adriana's house near Oak and Broadway on the 19th of October. It was rainy and cold so being in their small, homey living room with wine & music was very cosy, although the awkwardly-shaped kitchen made it good that not many people needed to actually cook their dishes. This was a smaller cookoff, only nine people in attendance.

Geoff: "beet 3-way" beet nachos — a beet chip topped with beet & tomato salsa, beet chutney, and shredded coconut
beet nachos
Adriana: "b33t str33t manif3st0" spinach, roasted marinated beet & portobello mushroom in balsamic dressing with port sauce
portobello-beet salad
Veronica: "oh my darling, you are sinful..." roasted beet, garlic, & cream cheese in a gluten free peppered pastry, topped with balsamic reduction
savoury beet tart
Jen: "bordello of beet" red velvet spelt & beet cupcakes with a blackberry centre, topped with cream cheese icing and a fresh blackberry
bordello of beet
Emilie: "beet bolognese" beet & portobello mushroom pasta sauce over buckwheat pasta with lemon
beet bolognese
Yaara: "real men eat pink hummus" beet & garlic hummus with golden and red beet chips
real men eat pink hummus
Marina: "come on baby, beet me!" gluten-free cupcake with beet purée and beet juice icing
gluten-free beet cakes

Also in attendance were Jeff Z and Sarah. Geoff, a friend of Adriana's, and Emilie, a friend of Amanda's, both competed for the first time.

seconds: Veronica
presentation: Adriana
creativity: Geoff
beetiness: Emilie
overall favourite: Veronica

overall winner: Veronica

best name: (unscored category) Yaara

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