Saturday, September 17, 2016

#69: barbecue (second edition) - June 2015

Our second BBQ-off was held at Blühaus on the 21st of June, hot & sunny. While attendance was sparse, we ended up with a nicely complete meal.

cerulean cheese salad
Malloreigh: "cerulean cheese salad" arugula, grilled peach & pear, cashew blue cheese, and walnuts in a raspberry mustard vinaigrette
Thai tempeh
Jen: "dad jokes Thai tempeh" pad Thai-inspired marinated grilled tempeh with coconut ginger creamed corn, bean sprouts, & peanuts
roasted roots
Allie: "Earthbound" buttery barbecue-roasted fingerling potatoes, carrots, onions, & onion scapes
dessert bread
Ash: "the most ancient traditions" barbecue-baked focaccia bread with apples in a bourbon caramel sauce

Also in attendance was Tamara's dog, Bea, though much to her chagrin, she did not get to try the food.

seconds: Malloreigh
presentation: Ash
creativity: Malloreigh/Ash
best use of theme: Jen
perceived effort: Ash
overall favourite: 4-way tie!

overall winner: Malloreigh/Ash

best name: (unscored category) Allie

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