Thursday, August 7, 2014

#56: nuts - May 2014

Our first-ever nut theme was held at Blühaus (due to a scheduling error) on the 12th of May. Although there was plenty of food, there was only one savoury dish so we felt a little sugar overloaded and had to order sushi after. This was also the first occasion of our new voting category for 'perceived effort' — we felt that when it's obvious someone put a lot of work into a dish, it deserves credit regardless of whether it does well in other categories.

Chris: "patétoes" deep-fried purple potato topped with tofu-walnut paté, cashew mayo, & parsley pesto, with a peppadew sauce drizzle
cold feet, warm heart
Kristina: "cold feet, warm heart" cherry vanilla almond ice cream pops dipped in cinnamon chili chocolate, with almond dust & sea salt
homemade almond milk
Maddie: "aww nuts!" homemade almond milk with carob & cardamom, cinnamon stick garnish
Jen: "mac daddy misu" macadamia & cashew cream tiramisu with homemade almond ladyfingers dipped in espresso & brandy, topped with cocoa powder & shaved dark chocolate
triple nut freeze
Malloreigh: "triple nut freeze" hazelnut banana ice cream with a macadamia lace cookie in a lavender almond caramel sauce

Also in attendance were Steph, Jen's sister Alice, and one other person whom I can't seem to remember (please tell me if you know!)

second: Chris
presentation: Chris
nuttiness: Malloreigh
perceived effort: Jen
creativity: Chris
overall favourite: Malloreigh

overall winner: Jen

best name: (unscored category) Maddie

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