Tuesday, July 30, 2013

#47: fusion (second edition) - June 2013

Fusion-off the second was held on the patio of Chris & Kristina's lovely basement suite in Capitol Hill, making it the first cookoff to be held outside of Vancouver proper. It was a perfectly delightful summer evening and we were quite content to spend it outside drinking and eating ourselves silly.

coconut BLT wrap Bronwen: "Charlie don't eat bacon" coconut BLT in a rice paper wrap with cilantro, served with a soy-peanut sauce (North American-Vietnamese)
ajo blanco & onion bhaji
Jen: "the Onion Knight of Gibraltar" ajo blanco (chilled garlic & almond soup) with green grapes & olive oil, served with an onion-kale bhaji (Spanish-Indian)
curry-stuffed peppers
Steph: "Russian to Bangkok" broiled red pepper stuffed with coconut red curry vegetables (Russian-Thai)
rice paper lasagna
Malloreigh: "unlikely axis" rice paper lasagna with shiitake mushrooms, nori, and Japanese eggplant (Italian-Japanese)
lettuce wrap
Chris: "with every bite, you let the Commies win" lettuce wrap with smoked tofu fried in ginger sesame oil, jicama jalapeƱo cucumber slaw, and five-spice mustard (Cuban-Chinese)
Kristina: "perogokonomiyaki" potato & cheese perogy fried with a chanterelle & cabbage pancake, topped with okonomi sauce & vegenaise (Ukranian-Japanese)

Also in attendance were Jeff Z, Sarah, Liang, Ash, and Alex.

seconds: Bronwen/Malloreigh
presentation: Jen
best concept: Chris/Malloreigh
best execution: Chris
overall favourite: Chris

overall winner: Chris

best name: (unscored category) Chris

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