Sunday, April 21, 2013

#44: street food - March 2013

Street food cookoff was held at Malloreigh & Ash's on the 21st of March. It was rather well-attended and with enough competitors that almost everyone was too full for seconds. There was also so much wine that at the end of the night there were five open bottles and none of them were quite empty.

a slow, comfortable stew up against a wall
Kristina: "a slow, comfortable stew up against a wall" Australian curried potato pie in a thick lentil soup, with a hot sauce-infused ketchup
sesame peanut potsticker
Nina: "tuktuk drive-by" sesame, peanut, cabbage, tofu, carrot, & red onion potsticker with a balsamic OJ sauce; served with lime zest, sliced mango, and a coconut miso-tahini sauce
plátanos rellenos
Laryssa: "plátanos rellenos" Puerto Rican deep-fried plantain dough stuffed with refried beans and cheese, topped with a creamy cilantro sauce
fancy grilled cheese
Jen: "gooey cheese garden" strawberry, basil, & jalapeño havarti grilled cheese on fresh-baked bread with a homemade balsamic ketchup
kitty onigiri
Bronwen: "oh, niggardly cat!" onigiri (sushi rice balls with nori) with pea shoots and a sesame-miso ginger sauce
pumpkin roti
Ash: "the rotway" roasted chickpea & pumpkin roti with cucumber chutney and shredded coconut garnish
chocolate mochi pudding
Chris: "be very glad I didn't make khlav kalash" chocolate mochi pudding with sweet plum vinegar & molé sauces, garnished with basil
Turkish ice cream sandwich
Sarah: "I love the ice cream man" Turkish rosewater ice cream in a waffle sandwich, rolled in pistachios
cake pops
Malloreigh: "can't pop the beet" chocolate-beet cake pops 2 ways: orange coconut & raspberry cheesecake

Also in attendance was Steph, who burnt her entry and couldn't make a new one in time to compete.

seconds: Kristina
presentation: Bronwen
creativity: Jen
street cred: Laryssa
overall favourite: Kristina

overall winner: Kristina

best name: (unscored category) Chris

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