Saturday, January 26, 2013

#41: oranges - December 2012

Our holiday season cookoff theme was oranges, held at Malloreigh's on the 10th of December. It was quite well-attended and everyone was in the spirit of the season (in spite of or perhaps because of Malloreigh's Christmas music playlist).
I forgot my camera and had to use Malloreigh's, and due to my lack of familiarity with her Canon the photos are not quite up to my usual standard. Also a couple of the entry photos got lost in the process, so the descriptions will have to suffice.

[photo missing]
Malloreigh: "mulled wine" warm red wine with spices and a cinnamon sugar rim
[photo missing]
Jen: "champagan" champagne poured over a red leaf lettuce & endive salad with champagne-soaked mandarins, red onion, & dried cranberries in an orange zest balsamic dressing
candied yams
Steph: "rum-I-yam" yams baked with orange slices and rum
orange duck tacos
Dan: "Chinese taco cart" orange faux duck tacos with blackberry salsa and pickled vegetables
mushroom stack
Tim: "M4M"orange-roasted portobello, with oyster mushrooms & shallots in a caramelized mushroom & orange sauce, in a basil-orange dressing
a quarter-cup horizon
Amanda: "a quarter-cup horizon" endive fried with panko crumbs, shallots, and orange juice, with poached clementines, sesame seeds, and sage
fried chickpea patty
Laryssa: "moon plop" fried chickpea, shallot, cayenne, & orange patty with a spicy cream sauce, garnished with mandarin segments & green onions
orange pomegranate sorbet
Ash: "rhymes with sorbet" orange-pomegranate sorbet with an orange spice sauce
gluten-free orange shortbread
Sarah: "bite me, Terry!" gluten-free orange zest shortbread dipped in dark chocolate
chocolate orange mousse cake
Hayley: "the citrus mindfuck" chocolate cream cheese mousse on an orange-chocolate shortbread crust, topped with mandarin & blood orange slices

Ash competed for the first time. Also in attendance were Angelique and Nina.

seconds: Tim/Amanda
presentation: Sarah
creativity: Dan
orangenuity: Ash
overall: Tim

overall winner: Tim

best name: (unscored category) Jen

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