Friday, May 11, 2012

#33: pizza (second edition) - April 2012

Our first-ever redo of a cookoff theme was held at Blühaus on the 21st of April. Apparently everyone was eager to heed the new rules, because we had a whopping 11 entries! Jeff made a 'house crust' for people who didn't feel comfortable making their own, and all crusts were wheat-free (most were spelt unless otherwise specified). It was a fairly warm day with a promising bit of sunlight, and everyone was quite happy to smoke outside and drink plentiful amounts of beer. We also decided to do portraits of competitors with their food, as with the pie-off (Yaara and Tim were the only odd ones out who did not make pan pizza).

pesto calzone
Yaara: "funny things with black sesame" calzone filled with caramelized onions, fried tofu, and pine nuts, topped with black sesame & mozza and served on a bed of spinach with a tomato-coconut dipping sauce
chili pizza
Steph: "Fernando" chili with kidney beans, mushrooms, and chipotle sausage, with cheddar on top and a garlic-chive sour cream dip
salad pizza
Amanda: "I fucked your mom last night" tomato-mango-cilantro sauce and chili-spiced mushrooms topped with a salsa of red onion, roma tomato, grape, radish, and cilantro
spicy banana pizza
Dan: "I need a dope beat" avocado-banana-chile sauce with red peppers, caramelized onion, tomato, and cheddar
tropical pizza
Laryssa: "sausage fest" smoky pineapple sauce topped with soy chorizo, pineapple, thai chili, basil, & caramelized onion; served with a creamy garlic dipping sauce
BLT pizza
Jen: "the baconator" garlic mayo sauce topped with homemade coconut bacon, tomato, cracked pepper, and arugula
home is wherever I'm with you
Jeff: "pizza names are for chumps" gala apple, homemade cheese, spicy maple-candied pecans, and arugula tossed with lemon oil
plantain pizzas
Tim: "big booty banana cake" panacón (deep-fried green plantain) crust with a white bean mushroom sauce, topped with mango, tomato, garlic, and red onion
korma pizza
Sarah: "korma chameleon" garlic buttered crust with korma sauce, green peppers, pineapple, spinach, and mozza
deluxe pizza
Jamie (aka Cat Stache): "cat kibble" rosemary-infused crust with tri-colour peppers, sun-dried tomato, fried onion, asparagus, portobello mushroom, and cheddar
pesto artichoke pizza
Nina: "the moment of awakening" sorghum-tapioca flour crust with rosemary, topped with pesto, red pepper, artichoke, portobello mushroom, and homemade cheese

Steph and Jamie both competed for the first time. Also in attendance were Malloreigh, Amanda's friend from work, and a friend of Dan's whose name I can't remember.

seconds: Yaara
creativity: Tim
presentation: Yaara
best sauce: Sarah
best crust: Tim
overall favourite: Jen

overall winner: Jen

best name: (unscored category) Tim

just for good measure, a close up of the winning entry:
BLT pizza close-up

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