Monday, December 26, 2011

#29: red & green - December 2011

Our holiday themed red & green cookoff was held on the 14th of December at Flatland. The sad part of this cookoff was that it was the last one that Jeff Downer would be able to attend for at least a year, as he is in Boston for photography as of the 23rd. Thus, he wanted to host and of course compete before leaving town. Also notable that Iain was finally in town and not busy on cookoff night, and was thrilled to be able to attend. The wine was flowing and everyone was in good holiday spirits.

Nina: "please your beans with beets" bean & mushroom sauté with beet-cashew butter and spinach-oregano tofu cream, topped with sesame seeds & parsley
mushroom-bean sauté
Laryssa: "Christmas in Japan" red rice (beet-dyed) sushi with asparagus, yam & beet served on a bed of wasabi avocado
red rice sushi
Jen: "pesto change-o" campari tomato halves topped with pesto, mozza, and onions & mushrooms fried in port
broiled tomato pizzas
Tim: "that's my rich substance!" cilantro polenta with red bean tomato sauce, fried green onion, and cilantro lime zest
cilantro polenta
Malloreigh: "gnocchi di rosso e verde della inverno" beet and basil gnocchi with roasted tomato sauce, button mushrooms, and basil chiffonade garnish
homemade gnocchi
Jeff D: "Pacman piroshki" beet buns stuffed with potato, carrot, sage & leek, served with a dill-lemon mayo dipping sauce
Pacman piroshki
Justine: "stoplight pudding" chocolate pudding with cherries and mint
cherry-mint chocolate pudding
Amanda: "triangle tiredness" chocolate cranberry tarts with basil, almond, and sea salt in a gluten-free pastry
chocolate-cranberry tarts

Justine competed for the first time. Also in attendance were Iain, Dave, two friends of Amanda's & Laryssa's whose names I forget, and Kaylie towards the end of things.

seconds: Jeff
presentation: Jen
colour: Laryssa
creativity: Jeff
overall favourite: Malloreigh/Jeff

overall winner: Jeff D

best name: (unscored category) Amanda

candles taken from a set that said 'MERRY CHRISTMAS'
Jeff's piroshki on the cooling rack, with a compass for some reason

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