Monday, June 20, 2011

#23: the bean - June 2011

The bean cookoff was held on the 14th of June, again at Flatland — now residence of Amanda and Laryssa as well as Jeff Downer. An impressive 11 people brought entries, and many others came along for the ride. It was a happy, loud, and drunken affair, but that was to be expected with so much communal wine and the fact that a good number of us had not seen each other in at least a month. I think also with the sun setting so late it was pretty easy to lose track of time, because it was nearly 12:30 when Jeff Z and I finally headed home, and we weren't even the last to leave.

Bronwen: "David Bowie's ch-ch-ch-ch-chana" masala chickpeas with basmati rice and raita, garnished with lemon
Yaara: "black bean mango procession" Thai-style green curry with black beans, yam, basil, and mango, served atop quinoa
Thai style green curry
Jen: "the falafel truth" deep-fried chickpea patties with herbs and onions, topped with spicy tahini sauce and shaved cucumber
the falafel truth
Kaylie: "fiery bag o' dix" chipotle black bean bruschetta with olives, red onion, and candied pecans
chipotle black bean bruschetta
Laryssa: "The Big Bean Theory" fava beans and portobello mushrooms baked with sauce in phyllo pastry, served with creamy cannellini bean sauce and salsa
fava bean phyllo pockets
Jeff D: "our bees make honey, but your flies make shit" Peruvian lima bean casserole with kale, breadcrumbs, and pepperjack Daiya, served with a creamy Cointreau and orange rind sauce
Peruvian lima bean casserole
Nina: "black mamba quesadilla" fried tortillas with black beans, avocado, carrot, sprouts, tomato, and cilantro
black bean quesadilla
Cera: "the pink lady" white bean and cornbread patty topped with kale and a red bean almond sauce
white bean cornbread patty
Luc: "keepin' it cas-o-real" green bean casserole with homefried onions, portobello mushrooms, and cheddar Daiya
keepin' it cas-o-real
Malloreigh: "the flatulent blonde" chickpea-tahini blondie with black bean chocolate sauce and candied black beans
chickpea-tahini blondies
Jeff Z: "Beantown Ice Capades" vanilla bean ice cream with chocolate covered espresso beans, served with almond biscotti and shaved bitter chocolate
vanilla & chocolate-covered espresso bean ice cream

It should be noted that this was Cera and Bronwen's first times competing, and additionally, Bronwyn's partner Michael's impeccable wit had a hand in naming many of the dishes. Also in attendance were Amanda, Tim, Ryan Barfield, and Nina's partner Mart (sp?).

seconds: Bronwen/Malloreigh
presentation: Jen
beaniness: Laryssa
creativity: Kaylie/Jeff D/Cera/Malloreigh
overall favourite: Malloreigh

overall winner: Malloreigh

best name: (unscored category) Luc

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  1. Goddamnit this post makes me INCREDIBLY hungry and I'm totally pinching a lot of these ideas, I can never think beyong chilli, falafel & beanburgers!