Saturday, March 12, 2011

#11: soup & sandwich - January 2010

This was the first cookoff that was organised on facebook, and it was a fiasco. Dates were changed numerous times, people complained about not being able to make certain dates, and in trying to please everyone, Malloreigh gave up and passed the helm over to Laryssa. I'm writing about this despite not being in attendance in order to try and get the blog caught up, so if someone wants to post the details please do so. Apparently the food was of course good but the event was tainted with all the frustrations of trying to organise it. We agreed that in the future dates must be chosen at the end of the cookoff prior, and if a couple of people can't make it, them's the breaks.

No cookoff was held in February because of the Olympic shenanigans forcing people to be extra busy, or working graveyard shifts, or out of town; we instead opted to have two in March.

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