Saturday, March 31, 2012

#32: tarts - March 2012

This cookoff was held at Amanda & Laryssa's on the 7th of March, just over two weeks after the February one, so that Jeff Downer could attend while he visited from Boston. We were a little disappointed to find that there were only four competitors (the same amount as the very first cookoff), yet three times as many people in attendance. As a result, instead of being too full to move, we actually ordered Indian food after the competition because we were all still hungry.
We also decided that newcomers MUST compete on their second attendance, and that regulars should not sit out more than one cookoff in a row if it can be at avoided — in order to keep things interesting and varied, not to make people feel unwelcome or intimidated. The idea is for all of us to be trying new things, challenging ourselves, and improving our cooking skills.

Jen: "even artichokes have hearts" white bean, spinach and artichoke in a peppered spelt & coconut oil crust with a kalamata olive and gluten-free cracker garnish
white bean tarts with spinach & artichoke
Malloreigh: "flaming bag of dog poop" string-tied filo pockets filled with shiitake mushroom, red pepper, onion, and pepper leaves with a purée of red pepper, sunchoke & garlic
filo pockets
Amanda: "a caravan in Morocco" fig reduction & black tea-poached pears in a pastry crust with pumpkin seeds and garam masala
fig & pear masala tarts
Nina: "full moon nut job" garlic, pistachio, & cashew* in a spelt filo pastry with a sauce of raspberry, cranberry, peach, lemon, & ginger
garlic pistachio & cashew tarts
*Nina sacrificed votes here because she forgot about the nuts rule, and Amanda couldn't taste her entry.

Also in attendance were Jeff D, Jeff Z, Steph, Sarah, Kajin, Kevin, Katie (I think?), Kaylie (later), and perhaps someone else I'm forgetting.

seconds: Malloreigh
presentation: Malloreigh
creativity: Amanda/Nina
best crust: Jen/Amanda
overall favourite: Malloreigh

overall winner: Malloreigh

best name: (unscored category) Nina

Malloreigh's entry being plated
Amanda plating

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